Qubiservice deployment at Frigotehnica

Frigotehnica was founded in 1949 as the only manufacturing and installation company for industrial refrigeration in Romania and remained as such for decades. Adapting to a competitive economy, the company remained relevant, being the country’s market leader in the engineering, execution, and installation of equipment for commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Large commercial enterprises, both from the retail and industrial sector are Frigotehnica’s main clients and their dynamic environment, along with requirements for automation and energy savings are permanent challenges that the company has to face. New installations need to be deployed quicker and properly managed but a large part of our activity concerns maintenance and servicing of existing equipment.

Before implementing Qubiservice there was no centralized, automated management system for the service activity. Separate reports were held for technicians, warehousing duties, dispatching. Client servicing performance was reduced as there was a lot of information that had to be sent from one entity to another and there was no realtime status that could help improve decision making or actual dispatching.

Qubiservice improved business turnover by reducing delays, response time, having better awareness of actual deployment capabilities and being able to make supplies or human resources provisions. A ticketing system was implemented thus improving any data collection about a specific intervention costs and results. Technicians were able to create and update reports on travel and at the client’s location without needing to spend additional time for paperwork regarding actual work and supplies usage. Warehousing was centralised, improving parts availability and allocations for different installations around the country. Dispatching was quicker as the comptroller had reliable information regarding technicians and vehicle scheduling. Management also had an important information resource for analysing business activity, highlighting financial performance, requirements, results of different policies.

Client satisfaction was significantly improved as the mean deployment time was reduced while having better estimations about equipment downtime and the deployment cost. Frigotehnica’s employees had better awareness of reliable information to handle their tasks, reducing delays and uncertainties while also improving morale. Employee productivity, Frigotehnica’s perceived image as well as turnover were raised.

Frigotehnica – Bucharest, Romania