Qubiservice deployment at Unicool

Unicool was founded in 2011 and became well known for offering reliable refrigeration equipment refurbishing  in Romania.

The company offers nationwide servicing for commercial enterprises of different sizes. Existing installations are refurbished to bring them to manufacturer’s specifications and new deployments can be made by using remanufactured refrigeration units. The refurbishment activity is certified and only original manufacturer spare parts are used, thus a new good refrigeration equipment is made available.

Before implementing Qubiservice there was limited information regarding servicing. Since spare parts management is very important, a lot of time was dedicated to inventory updating. Since we service but also refurbish equipment we had to determine parts that are worn and ones that can be reused. A good warehousing system was just as important as efficient dispatching.

A flexible field service management was needed. Before purchasing and deployment of the new platform it was clear that information interchange was highly needed. Integrating the servicing platform with an Enterprise Resource Planning system was required in the future.  Qubiservice was very well suited. All the service activity could be managed and the input data was available for client and supplier billing as well as management purposes.

Qubiservice improved business performance by centralizing all the required data. Decisions could be made regarding future prospects of equipment and this insight helped a company to adapt to the business environment.

Implementing Qubiservice,  the company was better able to expand, make better use of resources and improve its business turnover .

Unicool Refrigeration Equipment – Apahida, Cluj, Romania