Qubiservice deployment at Pro Refrigeration Team

Pro Refrigeration was founded in 2010 and became a competitive company that designs and services commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment in Romania.

The company services commercial enterprises of different sizes, adapting its solutions customers. Refrigeration equipment design covers small shops, supermarkets, logistic centers. New installations need to be deployed quicker and properly managed but a significant activity concerns maintenance and servicing of existing equipment.

Before implementing Qubiservice there was no centralized, automated management system for the service activity. Since the company was small but expanding, some of these challenges could be solved by improving the performance of our human resources. The most difficult challenge was having enough information for quick dispatching and monitoring warehousing requirements.

However, as soon as we reached around 10 service centers and hundreds of installations had to be maintained, it was clear that an automated field service management was needed. Some software solutions did not offer enough capabilities while others were too complex for our current needs. Qubiservice nicely fit the requirements.

Qubiservice improved business turnover by increasing our client’s reach by managing better and at lower cost our service activity. It was possible to make supply provisions and better understand our deployment capabilities. Multiple client requests could be handled at the same time using a servicing team in a specific area and they could be more effective since any time wasted on filing various reports was handled by Qubiservice. Dispatching was easier since realtime information about the activity was available.

Implementing Qubiservice,  a Field Servicing Management Platform, improved clients’ satisfaction, increased business turnover, enhanced cost control and helped an expanding business.

Pro Refrigeration Team – Bucharest, Romania